Prospectus for 2017

Piccolo Spoleto Crafts Shows

Note:  Participating Artists are expected to read all show materials carefully and in a timely manner.  By submitting an application, applicants are contractually agreeing to the rules and policies of the Piccolo Spoleto Craft Shows, explained in this Prospectus.

Important Information at a Glance

Show Dates: May 26-28 and June 2-4, 201

Show Hours: Friday and Saturdays 10-6, Sundays 11-5.  Setup Thursdays 12:30-7 pm and Fridays 7-9:30 am.

Application Fee: One $30.00 fee for either or both show weekends.

Application Deadline: February 3, 2017

Artist Notification: March 1, 2017

Accept Invitation and Booth Purchase Deadline: April 1, 2017

Last Date to Cancel in Writing and Receive a Booth Fee Refund (minus $50.00 administration fee). April 1, 2017

Booth Size: 10’x10’

Booth Fee: $275.00

Artist Check-In: Thursdays, 12:30 pm to 7:00 pm and Fridays, 7:00 am to 9:00 am.

Security: 24 hour security beginning Thursdays at 6:00 pm and ending Sundays at 7:00 pm.

Neither electricity nor water are available on site.

No Generators are allowed by the City of Charleston.

General Information

Craft artists age 18 or older are invited to apply for one or both weekends.  We strive to provide two balanced and complete shows to the Piccolo Spoleto audience.  Artist feedback indicates that neither weekend is more desirable than the other.  Variations in attendance numbers have much to do with weather and festival activities.   Many artists recommend applying to both weekends because of this.  Numerous patrons attend both shows and multiple days each weekend.

Applications are handled through  Application fee is $30 and is not refundable. Applications are due by February 3, 2017.   Invitations will be made by March 1, and artists must accept and make booth payments by April 1st.

Applicants must submit four images of work completed in the last two years and one recent image of their display.  The images should reflect a cohesive body of the artist’s best work to be exhibited.  The application must also include a description of materials and technique and an artist statement.  All applications are screened and then presented to a jury composed of professional artists, gallery owners, curators and arts educators. Artist selection is based on jury scores, quotas for each media and weekend(s) requested.  A waiting list of qualified artists is maintained in case of cancellations.

Our artist surveys continue to indicate that highlights of our award-winning shows are our artist-friendly staff, the artist hospitality tent with amenities for artists, the festive atmosphere, Sunday artist brunch, and opportunities to network with fine craft patrons, interior and home designers, and gallery representatives. We are constantly expanding our outreach to those patrons and adding boutiques, gallery owners and architects to our social media contacts.  We also use social media on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to promote the individual artists and the shows.  Each weekend show attracts paid admission of 5,000 – 7,000 patrons. Sales have been reported at a variety of price points.

We charge a small admission fee of $3.00 for the show.  This admission fee helps cover our operating costs and helps to keep our booth fees reasonable along with encouraging actual buyers.   Free passes and coupons are distributed to visitor centers, hotels, and to everyone on our extensive mailing list.  Artists are encouraged to forward coupons to their mailing lists.  Coupons are also available at our show to encourage return visits.  We truly feel that this nominal admission fee is a benefit to the show and to the artists.

Acceptable work: Originally conceived and crafted fine craft work created by the applicant in media including but not limited to:  basketry, clay, fiber, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mosaics, photography printmaking and woodworking.  Traditional and folk art and craft such as broommaking, soapmaking, papermaking, musical instruments, etc. are also accepted.  Mixed media is allowed but must be focused on craft.

Inappropriate work: Fine art paintings or drawings in any medium.  Resale, mass-produced or commercially packaged items, hobby crafts, works made from commercial molds, kits or patterns, work using materials from endangered species, and consumables such as foods or any bath and beauty products other than soap.

If you have questions about whether your media is acceptable, please contact the producers before applying.  Application fees are not refundable.


The Piccolo Spoleto Fine Craft Shows are held in Wragg Square Park, a historic park on Meeting Street a block from the visitor’s center and central to other visual arts venues in the festival. The park is fenced and raised above street level, providing good visibility and security.  Approximately 80 booths are arranged in rows among the live-oak trees and fences.  The venue site is slated for some renovations this fall. In the event that the renovations will effect the show, we will inform all applicants and subscribers to our emailing list.

The neighborhood boasts numerous hotels and convenient public parking areas, along with a variety of restaurants, galleries, entertainment venues and other unique small businesses. Two-dimensional visual artists from South Carolina will be exhibiting their work across the street in Marion Square. Local artisans also exhibit along with local growers and restaurants during the weekend Charleston Farmer’s Market held in Marion Square.

Awards: A total of approximately $6,000 in merit and purchase awards will be distributed during the two weekend events. Show judges will be on site each Friday afternoon to select award winners.  In addition to merit awards we feature emerging artist grants, exhibitor choice awards, slide juror’s choice award, and a variety of purchase awards.

Emerging Artist Grants: Each year Fine Craft Shows Charleston endeavors to award grants to 2 to 4 emerging artists in recognition of their outstanding artistic ability and presentation. These grants are to be given only to those artists new not only to the professional show market but also new to the arts in a professional capacity. Grants recipients will be reimbursed a single booth fee for one weekend of our shows.


  • Professional Craft Artist: A person working as an individual artist conceptualizing, designing, and creating in craft art media.
  • Professional Show: An arts and/or crafts show that requires that exhibitors meet specified standards for design and creation of individual works of art. Mass produced, hobby craft, and imported gift items are not exhibited in professional shows.


  1. Applicants have been working as professional artists for 2 years or less in any medium.
  2. Applicants have exhibited in no more than 2 professional shows by the February 3 of 2016.

All applicants must go through our independent blind jury process. Only those meeting the criteria above will be considered for a grant. Once we have established an artist is eligible we use the jurors’ score to make final determinations on grant awards. We reserve the right to give up to 4 awards, 2 per weekend, each year however we, may not give an award every year if we do not find eligible artists from our pool of applicants.

Promotion:  Event promotion is already beginning.  The events will be promoted to a variety of audiences through traditional and social media.  Artist images and statements will be used in promotional materials.   Every effort will be used to discourage image pirating.

Producers: Fine Craft Shows Charleston LLC was formed in 2011 to ensure the long-standing inclusion of Fine Craft as a festival component.  The three South Carolina Craft artists who have participated in directing and exhibiting at these events for 20-30+ years coordinate the show. Proceeds from this event and related activities will benefit future shows and fine craft arts in the area.

Booth Information

Booths are assigned as 10’ x 10’ spaces.  Limited storage space is provided behind or around the booths but may not be used for display without prior authorization from the show organizers. A limited number of double booths are available for those who require a larger display area. Double booths are available on a first-come first serve basis and must be reserved buy the show booth purchase deadline.  Fees are $275 per booth per weekend or $550 for a double booth.

To provide a fresh show experience, artist locations are rotated from show to show. A site map will be posted on site at each gate, the Hospitality Tent and also on our website, so customers will be able to find the individual artists.  Shade may be requested, but please understand that no location is sun-free and artists should be prepared to protect themselves and their art from all types of weather.

Electricity and running water are not available at the show site. No generators are allowed by The City of Charleston. Passive battery power is allowed.

Parking:  Due to the urban setting, free artist parking cannot be provided by the show.  There are many municipal parking garages and day parking facilities available in the vicinity. Most garages have a maximum daily rate of $16 as of October, 2016.

Security: Security will be provided from 6:00pm Thursday evenings continuously until 7:00pm Sunday evenings.  However, participating artists assume all responsibility for works displayed and for their equipment


 Please read the following rules carefully.  You will be bound by these rules in the legal agreement “signed” as part of the application.  Artists that fail to abide by these rules will be suspended from further participation and may be required to leave the event with no refund of booth fees.

1. All entries must be made online through ZAPPlication™.   Applications must include a description of materials and techniques and an artist statement.  Four images of work created by the artist in the last two years and a recent booth slide must be submitted as part of the application.

2. Each artist must apply individually with one applicant/media per entry. A “team” of two people producing a SINGLE body of work together may enter as one applicant.  Both artists are bound by the legal agreement.  Larger art groups and collectives are not allowed. All artist applications will be screened to ensure compliance.

3. No more than two media may be exhibited per artist/booth. If applying in two media, the artist is required to submit two applications, two application fees, and two full sets of images.

4.  Any artist participating in these events must be present for the entire event and their booth must remain open during scheduled hours of event operation. Assistants/helpers are not a substitute for artist presence. Unsupervised pets and children are not allowed in the event area or in artist booths.

5. Each artist agrees to exhibit at no other craft or art event in the tri-county area during these events. You may not exhibit at other craft events or art shows in the area. Gallery and retail shop showings are permitted.

6. For those accepted in non-jewelry media categories, ornaments, jewelry, and similar small gift items must be a logical extension of a body of work.  Jewelry items may not constitute more than 10% of the booth display area unless a second media application for jewelry has been submitted and approved. This is strictly enforced and failure to comply constitutes a breach of contract.

7. Works exhibited for sale must be of the same quality presented in the juried images and application materials.   Booths must present a professional appearance.   Booth and display items must be confined to the assigned booth space.  Show organizers will be onsite to inspect booths on Friday and several times throughout the event.  Artists must comply with directions from organizers and their staff and remove questionable work from display immediately.

8. All fees must be paid in full by established event deadlines. Wait list artists invited to participate will be expected to pay fees by credit or debit card (no checks) upon acceptance of invitation to exhibit.  There is a $25 fee for bad checks and chargebacks.  Refunds, when applicable, are subject to a processing fee of $50.

9.  Artists are responsible for obtaining all required city and state permits and licenses and for remitting sales tax to the state of South Carolina. Detailed information about the agencies to contact and fees will be provided to accepted artists in advance of the show.

10. These are professional craft art events with patrons of all ages attending. All exhibitors are expected to maintain their booth area accordingly.  Disruptive behavior by artists or their associates will not be tolerated.  Examples of disruptive behaviors include smoking in restricted areas, using strong perfumes or scents or playing loud or unsuitable music.  Smoking is allowed in open walkways only, not in the artist booths nor in the storage areas behind and between booths. This is a public park setting and open container laws apply.

Legal Agreement: (agreed to during application process on ZAPP.

I have read and agree to all the rules listed in the rules section of the application and I understand that if I fail to abide by these rules I will be suspended from further participation and may be required to leave the event with no refund of booth fees.

The undersigned does hereby certify that he/she is the sole producer of the work exhibited. If the finished product is the result of collaboration, all artists must agree. The undersigned does agree to abide by the rules of the Piccolo Spoleto Crafts Show and authorizes the use of slide, photographs and artist information for publicity or documentation. All purchase awards presented and accepted will assign all rights of the work(s) purchased to the purchaser and may not be reproduced or replicated by anyone other than the purchaser.

Fine Craft Shows Charleston and Piccolo Spoleto assume no responsibility for work displayed or display equipment used during these events or for acts of nature beyond our control. In the event of cancellation by the producers of the event, full refund of booth fees will be given. Events will not be canceled due to inclement weather. Artist(s) agree to exhibit at no other event in the tri-county area during participation in these events.

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