Licenses and fees

Participating artists are responsible for obtaining appropriate local and state licenses. If you already have licenses, bring proof with you to show state or city officials that may request them.

The State of South Carolina requires a one-time purchase of Retail License for those who sell in South Carolina. There is a special $20 license for Crafters who only sell at craft shows in the state. The regular license is $50. You are responsible for collecting and submitting sales tax to the State Department of Revenue. Sales Tax rates are now 9% in Charleston County. The form for licenses is available online at (It requires an up-to-date PDF reader or it may not open.)

The City of Charleston requires a business license for everyone who sells within the city limits. There is an Itinerant Business License for those who do not have a permanent location in the City of Charleston. Information about purchasing licenses is available at Representatives from the City of Charleston usually come by the show to assist those who need to apply for a business license, so it is a good idea to have your checkbook handy.

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